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New Initiative to Accelerate Mission-Critical Broadband Testing

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Mission Critical Testing as a Service Project Launched

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MCS-TaaSting accelerates the adoption of certified mission critical services

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MCS-TaaSting – Accelerating the Adoption of Certified Mission Critical Services

Mission Critical Testing as a Service project is developing flexible testing tools toincrease market confidence in critical broadband applications Thursday 02 April 2020: A critical new initiative is under way to accelerate the development and adoption of mission critical services (MCS) including Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT), Mission Critical Data (MCData) and Mission Critical Video (MCVideo)…
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El Departamento de Comercio de EE.UU. otorga más de 3.600.000 $ a un proyecto de la UPV/EHU

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MCS TaaSting

NIST Public Safety Communications Research Division: MCS TaaSting