MCS TaaSting

MCX conformance testing hits target

Article at Critical Comms

MCX Testing Project Reaches Certification Milestone for MCPTT Test Cases

Article at Radio Resource Mission Critical Communications

Conformance testing milestone announced

The MCS TaaSting (Mission Critical Services – Testing as a Service) project has announced that 60 per cent of MCPTT conformance test cases have been formally verified. Article at Critical Communications Today.

MCX Conformance Testing Hits Target to Catalyse Standardised Mission Critical Services Development

3GPP compliance is crucial to ensure seamless support for users and avoid costly lock-in to proprietary products and services. Article at The Critical Communications Review

Standards Compliance – An end to unproven claims

By Bego Blanco Jauregi, Director of Quality Assurance and Institutional Assessment, University of the Basque Country. Article at 3GPP Highlights – ISSUE03 October 2021

Ensuring device compliance to standards

By Olivier Genoud, Task Force 160 (TF160) Leader. Article at the 3GPP Highlights Issue 02 (March 2021) page 22.

“We need to be meticulous…”

The first pre-verification of a mission-critical push-to-talk conformance test case has been achieved. Philip Mason talks to MCS-TaaSting preoject co-ordinator Dr Fidel Liberal about the implications for the sector. Interview at Critical Communications Today Website version.

First Pre-Verification of MCPTT Conformance Test Case Completed

Article at Radio Resource Mission Critical Communications.

Breakthrough for Mission Critical conformance as MCPTT test gets evaluated

The availability of fully interoperable standards-based critical broadband services has moved a step closer with the first pre-verification of a Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) conformance test case. Article at Telecom Drive.

Breakthrough for Mission Critical Services Conformance Testing as First MCPTT Test Case Successfully Evaluated

First step towards a global MCS certification program adhering to 3GPP standards. Article at The Critical Communications Review.